What happens when the spark is no longer there

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What happens when the spark is no longer thereMy husband and I met when we were young, and in the correct manner, we got to know each other and decided to get married. It was the most amazing day of my life. I was finally with the one whom I so dearly loved.

As years went by, it was I who became unsatisfied and bored with our relationship; this led me to make the worst mistake in my life: adultery. Yes—me, not him.

I became so embarrassed and ashamed of what I had done; I knew very well I could only blame myself.

When everything was revealed, my husband could no longer look at me; it was as if he was disgusted to be in the same room with me. Indeed, we separated. During the time we were separated, I was crushed.

Without the Love Talk Live sessions on Saturday, my husband and I would never have reconciled. Separated for four years, it was the messages there that made me realise that I needed to change and get back with my husband.

The greatest sight was getting married in the same place at which I was made a new person.

Antonia Peres

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