What did I do to lose his love?

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What did I do to lose his love?“I still remember the desperation I felt when I came home to find my now ex-husband surrounded by suitcases. “I just don’t love you anymore,” was his reason for leaving me. I was stunned.

Divorced, lonely and humiliated — that was me. What was a 24-year- old woman to do? As I lay on my cold, double bed alone, I spent nights hugging my pillow, wondering where I went wrong? I tried to find reasons, but nothing made sense. What could I possibly have done to lose his love? My pillowcase knew my tears all too well. I fought tooth and nail to win him back, until the penny finally dropped: I deserved better.

Today, my tears of sadness are now tears of happiness. I have been happily married to my husband for six years now. Every anniversary that passes is a reminder of the day my sorrow turned to joy, and every tear that I had once cried in pain has finally been forgotten.”

Sherene Changoo

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