Welcome to our well-being Café

Well being

We are always finding ways to reach out to the public and better our community, from our weekly Soup Kitchen and Food Banks we have managed to reach out to thousands of families nationwide.

Our Food Banks operates every Saturday from 11am-1pm, serving the public with love, care and dedication.

We offer various items, from tin food to hot beverages, vegetables, pasta, cereals, and the basic essentials to help someone kick start their week.

We have included a special addition for every member of the public: a listening ear. Every Saturday at 9am-11am, our well-being café is open to the members of the public giving a listening ear to those who are in need.

Do you want someone to take time out to listen to you? Or maybe you have something on your mind that you want to speak about?

We are here for you, at our Universal Church in Finsbury Park. You are welcome to come to the well-being café from 9am-11am, followed by our Soup Kitchen from 11am-1pm.

Would you like more information? Why not contact us on: 020 7686 6000?