Victory Youth Group highlights the dangers of knife crime

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At the UCKG HelpCentre, in Kilburn, the Victory Youth Group (VYG) held a Gun and Knife Awareness event intended to highlight the dangers of carrying a weapon. The event also gave advice to people on how to avoid putting themselves at risk and mixing with bad company. There were also performances and songs on the day, as the main entertainment of the event and special guests included the likes of:

  • Abs Manjo and Lucy Baker from the Youth Engagement Team at Kentish Town Police Station
  • Majorie Musis from the Trident team

One of the attendees, Jessica Tanner, spoke about her experience at the event: “It was amazing. The performances were a great way of expressing what young people see all too often and how they view gun and knife crime.”  She added: “I believed it opened a lot of the youths’ eyes.”

The Gun and Knife  Awareness event comes at a time when knife crime is soaring in the UK. According to figures, eleven people are stabbed every day in England, and there has been an 11% rise in fatal stabbing incidents. Over the past few days, there have already been three victims of knife crime:

  • Nineteen-year-old Abdullahi Tarabi was fatally stabbed in an alleyway after being chased through a West London estate
  • A twenty- four-year-old man was knifed to death yards from his home in Plumstead.
  • A twenty-year-old student, Syed Jamanoor Islam, was fatally stabbed when he and his friends were involved in an argument with another group of people.

The Gun and Knife  Awareness event is one of the many initiatives the VYG holds in order to help young people make better life decisions.

This event was held across various UCKG branches in London, such as Catford, Finsbury Park and Brixton, and it was supported by Trident officers, local councillors and the Race Equality Foundation.

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