UTF Graduation Day

UTF Graudation Saturday, 22 October the Universal Teen Force group (UTF), hosted its annual Graduation Day. Present on the day were the teens and parents from both London and outside London branches.

The event commenced from 2pm to 4pm, starting with an open prayer followed by live performances from branches; Luton, Wood Green, Finsbury Park, Bullring and Manchester.

The purpose of the event was to welcome and graduate those who are joining the group from CBC (Children’s Biblical Centre ages 1-10) to those who are leaving the group and will participate in the VYG (Victory Youth Group ages 14-26).

It was a memorable afternoon, especially for the parents who witnessed the positive changes the group has had on their children. Two parents shared their testimony on how the group has contributed towards their children’s growth and are able to say it is a worthy investment.

A unique drama was showcased by the VYG former members of the UTF. They showcased their real-life story of how the UTF helped them.

Lastly and most importantly, Pastor David (Community Outreach leader of the groups in UK) shared a word to encourage the teens to take advantage of what they are receiving, he emphasises the need to give value to the UTF group and what they receive from it.

The UTF is the Universal Church’s group that works with teens between the ages of 11 and 14. We offer them the chance to take part in a range of activities and events and offer them practical advice to help them become young successful adults.

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