Addiction Cleansing Therapy

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According to the charity, Action on Addiction, one in three people in the UK are addicted to something, so it only seemed fitting that the Get Clean event, fronted by author of The Last Rock, come to our shores once again.

The 2,000 people who filled the Rainbow Theatre left the eye-opening event with one thought in mind: no matter the addiction, there is a solution for it.

Amidst the buzzing crowd of amazed onlookers was journalist Fernanda Aventurato, who didn’t anticipate what she witnessed as she covered the Addiction Cleansing Therapy’s much talked about event.

The thirty-five-year-old was drawn by the challenge she heard the former drug addict and global leader of the ACT meetings make to those who were willing to undergo the treatment and get clean that night.

“I wanted to see with my own eyes if it was true that he made people quit their addictions right there, on the spot, in front of everyone. I wanted to see him promise to eat the Bible if the addiction didn’t go away. Parts of me wanted to believe it was true, but part of me wanted to see if he would actually do what he promised and eat the Bible. And what I saw wasn’t only a strong and impactful meeting,” she said.

“I had the opportunity to look into those people’s eyes and see the hope and freedom they felt after getting rid of something that disgraced their lives for so long. I got goose bumps, quivered and even became a bit emotional.

I hope that everyone who has an addiction gets a chance to learn more about this work, which has helped so many people,” she concluded.

Your opportunity to get clean!

Though the Get Clean event is over, the Addiction Cleansing Therapy (ACT) meetings continues every Sunday at 6pm; and the same treatment that the 2,000 people received during the event is the same that is available at the Rainbow Theatre every week.

As highlighted by Roger Formigoni, addictions affect the mind of a person. Their preoccupation over their habit causes them to lose control. They lose sleep, they lose money, they lose their health, they lose their family, and in the worst-case scenario, they even lose their own life.

Whether you are an addict or the loved one of an addict, the crippling condition steals the peace of mind of all those involved… but it needn’t remain this way.

This Sunday, 3rd April, during the ACT meeting, besides receiving the treatment, you will learn how the oil that was blessed by Roger Formigoni during the Get Clean event could be used, coupled with faith, to empower you to overcome the spirit of addiction and find peace of mind.

What you need to do: Bring a pillowcase and an open mind.

What we will do: help you to get clean and keep clean.

For more info, please contact our 24hr Helpline: 020 7686 6000 or email