Together again: We refused to let anything tear us apart

I couldn’t understand, my life was a mess, promise of God,

In the beginning, when I initially started attending the UCKG, John and I were having relationship problems, so we eventually separated.Together again: We refused to let anything tear us apart

Lisa: “After attending, John also started to attend and we managed to resolve most of our problems. We even got married. After three months, we started to have problems again; things just went downhill.”

John: “My addiction took control of my life, so all that I did was only to satisfy my addiction.”

Lisa: “The worst moment for me was when I saw that John just didn’t care, and I couldn’t understand. Of course, I knew there was an addiction; I understood where that came from and it was what was causing him to behave in that way, but it didn’t eradicate the fact that he was hurting his family. I couldn´t cope with the situation, so we ended up divorcing.

When Natalia, our daughter was about seven years old, she knew that things were not right with her dad. She knew that we were not a family, and there were times when she wanted her dad. He used to tell her that he would be there to pick her up to spend time together, but then he wouldn´t turn up. It really affected her because they had a very close relationship; although he wasn’t around, she always wanted her dad.”

John: “I felt really bad for my daughter. I would promise her that the following week would be different and that I would be on time, but I was so involved in my own world, that I would fall asleep, forget and it just wouldn’t happen.”

Lisa: “I participated in a few purposes of faith for my love life. I wanted to have a complete family. I never envisioned John as my potential future partner because I was determined that once I divorced him, I would never go back to him. I would claim the right to have the promise of God fulfilled in my life. He said that two are better than one, so I wanted Him to help me make the right choices.

I had to change many things. I was very demanding with God in regards to what I wanted and how I wanted the blessings to come, but God showed me that it was not about my will but His; was I ready to trust? I had to be ready to let go of my own conceptions of how the blessings should come to my life.

Trusting was difficult for me. As a lone parent, you end up depending on no one but yourself. You want God to understand your situation so, for a while, I was asking like a victim, feeling sorry for myself, and that can lead you to do less than what God is requesting from you. I would often say: “God knows my needs”, until I made a firm decision to let go of everything and allow God to work in my life.”

John: “I eventually hit rock bottom. I had an overdose and I was immediately taken to hospital. After that, I started suffering from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I had to come to terms with myself and make a decision once and for all, because my life was a mess. I knew that the UCKG would help me because they had before. It just depended on me making the decision to follow what was taught there. I started attending the meetings because I was desperate. I learned how use to my faith and eventually left everything behind – the drugs, night life, and everything that I knew I was doing wrong.”

Lisa: “John would often be on my mind, so I would ask God to help me because he was not what I wanted.

Today, I am happy because I have erased all the hurt and disappointments from the past. The changes are unbelievable. We are a family again; John is completely different. There is no resentment from the past. It´s so different from before; our lives have been completely transformed.”

John: “I always wanted to come back to my family and to live with my daughter again. I never stopped loving them. I was so distracted and blind, but now I’m totally in love with Lisa; I never felt like that before.”

Lisa: “I am very happy now and I love John very much. I see him as a gift from God.”

Natalia: “One Sunday afternoon, they were holding hands and walking together, and they told me that they are together now – that is all I have ever wanted.”

John and Lisa Zapata

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