Through my faith, my brother was set free

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Through my faith, my brother was set freeTolu attended the ACT meetings for her family, to free them from all of their addictions.

“I was attending the ACT meetings for several months on behalf of my family, determining that through my faith they would be set free.

Coming to the meetings was a sacrifice, as I lived in Essex and would return home late. However, the situation in my household was terrible, and I believed that I would see a change through my faith.

At first, it seemed as though the addictions in my house were getting worse. But regardless of this, I persisted. I would use the blessed salt given at the meetings in my cooking, and I also placed it in my brother’s and sister’s bedrooms.

After a few months of perseverance, God honoured my faith. My brother is now free from his marijuana, pornography and online game addictions. He also decided to join the UCKG officially, and was baptised last month! Although he did not attend the meetings physically, God still answered my prayers. I will now continue to attend the ACT meetings on behalf of my other family members so that they too can be free from addictions”.

Tolu Akin