The three principles of the sowing law

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The three principles of the sowing law
Good results in your financial life depend on your attitude. After all, you only reap good things if you sow good things.

There are three principles of the sowing law, so that you can be prosperous.

  1. Choose the seed well

Think of your attitude as a seed, that way you think carefully before you act. Like it or not, you will reap what you sow. Plant the good seeds of faithfulness to God, of faith, of trust, because soon the fruit will sprout. And don’t compare yourself to anyone. When you compare yourself to someone who is worse off than you, it’s easier to get accommodated. But comparing yourself with those above you is also a risk since you don’t know the sacrifices they made, or what they sowed to get there.

  1. Take care of the seed

The seed needs to be watered and cared for constantly. A person prays one day and, if they don’t see something happening, they want to give up. Don’t be like that, be consistent, and keep believing and using your faith. By persevering like this, you take care of your seed.

  1. Be prepared

The harvest will come, and when you believe, you prepare for the day when you get your answer. Before getting where you want to be, prepare yourself, learn what is necessary, and be balanced and sensible.

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