The Sunday of the brave

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The Sunday of the brave

“Then even the valiant one, whose heart is like that of a lion, will completely despair, for all of Israel knows that your father is a warrior, and those who are with him are BRAVE.” 2 Samuel 17.10

These are the hesitant words of Hushai, a spy who had planned to help Absalom overthrow David as the King of Jerusalem. So why was Hushai so cautious?

They were up against David, ‘a veteran of warfare’, a brave man who single-handedly defeated the giant Goliath. He is also the same man who escaped Saul’s spear on several occasions and bravely cut off a piece of his garment. We can already see that David was by no means an easy foe.

So what provoked Absalom to go up against David in the first place?

Well, Absalom, David’s son, had become resentful of his father to the extent that he guaranteed the people of Jerusalem great things if he became their ruler. As Absalom and his men invaded Jerusalem, they considered tracking down and attacking David and his forces.

However, David’s boldness was known to his enemies, and even though Absalom and Hushai wanted to harm David, they hesitated and were eventually defeated.

This Sunday, the UCKG HelpCentre is inviting you to attend the Sunday of the Brave meeting. The aim of this meeting is to summon the same fearlessness which David had into the minds of all those who attend. This bravery will help you to fight against all the negativities that enter your life.

It will be this courage that will help you to overcome your deepest inner concerns, your constant work-related problems and more!

Event: The Sunday of the Brave
Date: Sunday 25th September
Time: 10am (also at 7.30am)
Location: At your local UCKG HelpCentre