The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul Book Launch

Book launch
On Sunday, 23 October from 3pm people started queuing, eagerly awaiting the newly anticipated book of Bishop Macedo The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul.

The book signing started at 5pm with the presence of Bishop James and Pastor’s. The atmosphere was buzzing and the queue become longer throughout the afternoon.

First launched in Brazil, Portugal and Japan, UK patiently waited for its arrival. This book will allow many to know and understand the value of their soul and how one should take care of it with great care and diligence.

Vera from North London who helped in the book launch shared her thoughts on it: “The book launch yesterday was amazing! I saw many people queuing up for a long time, but their smiles proved that it was worth it! Everyone was so excited, taking pictures and enjoying this special moment, and looking forward to getting hold of the book.

I believe for many people this book will be an answer to their awaited questions, of the soul and our life here on earth and I’m very excited to start reading this book and grasp every detail as possible!”

Followed by the book launch the service at 7pm kick-started the book study where Bishop James delved deeply into the first introduction of the book.

Christiana from the branch in Stamford Hill shared the following: The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul emphasised the importance of understanding that our soul is eternal. No one chooses to be born however we all have the choice to decide where we spend eternity. I look forward to the following studies, every Sunday at 6pm.

Many left understanding the value of always keeping their life on the altar and investing in what matters the most – their salvation.

Sundays at 6pm at your local Universal Church you can now participate in this book study.

If you would like to get a copy of this book it is now available in three languages English, Spanish and Portuguese visit: or you can purchase yours in store, please visit your local Christian books see addresses: