The place where my suffering ended

Finsbury Park, I have peace, My pride was hurt, UCKG,


The place where my suffering endedI had completely shut myself away from the world.

I remember the times my mother, to vent out her frustrations, would beat my brothers. I wanted to shy away from it all and believe that everything good. I stayed alone with my thoughts and turned into a young adult living in fear.”

But when I was 18, the shy girl fell in love, moved in with her boyfriend, found out she was cheated on, and literally went back to square one. My pride was hurt. I wanted to go home, to hug the family I had left. After going back home, I realised my mother was a completely different woman. She was happy, and she and my father were in love.

I wanted happiness too so I started attending the Friday and Sunday meetings with my family, and I saw that I had roots that needed to be plucked out—shyness, emptiness, and fear. My mind changed in such a way that I was ready to achieve. I was unemployed for a year, but I put my faith to the test, and I now work for a great healthcare company.”

Today, I am a university graduate, I’m working, and above all I have peace. The UCKG is the place I can always return to.

Fernanda Oliveira

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