The Inner War

a number of problems, the void inside of me, Work of the Angels,

The Inner WarBefore I came to the UCKG HelpCentre, I had a number of problems that affected my focus on life including work. I was also addicted to pornography and as a result I would pursue girls without caring about the consequences. I carried on like this since I didn’t see anything wrong with my actions. I would promise myself to become more serious, only to break my words.

I used to attend the HelpCentre with my mum during my younger years. I returned and became a regular member as a result of her persistence. But I was not willing to change. I would party on Saturdays, sleep around with women, and then I would come to the HelpCentre on a Sunday morning feeling guilty. I came to the realisation that all these actions still did not feel the void inside of me.

An opportunity like the Friday meetings and Work of the Angels series came about, to help me break free from this and to fill the emptiness inside of me. I really committed myself to the purpose. This present time, I am no longer the person I was in the past. My life is positive, my business is profitable, but above all I have no addictions and my void has been filled.

Stephen Aduadjoe

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