Testimony of a journalist in London

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Testimony of a journalist in London

“I made sure to attend Bishop Formigoni’s meeting. I wanted to see with my own eyes if it was true that he made people quit their addictions right there, on the spot, in front of everyone. I wanted to see him promise to eat the Bible if the addiction did not go away. One part of me wanted to believe that it was true, but the other part of me wanted to see if he would actually do what he promised and eat the Bible. However, what I saw was not only a strong and impactful meeting.

I had the opportunity to look into those people’s eyes and saw hope and freedom they felt to get rid of something, which disgraced their lives for so long. I got goose bumps, quivered and even became a bit emotional.

I hope that everyone who has an addiction gets a chance to learn more about this work, which has helped so many people.”

Fernanda Aventurato, Television Supervisor

This journalist’s statement was taken after the Addiction Cleansing Therapy, which was held on 27th March by Bishop Formigoni, in London.

At the event, more than 2,000 people were present in the Rainbow Theatre, determined to be completely free from drugs or fight for a family member who had an addiction. An addiction is any repetitive and degenerative habit, which not only involves substances but, also, food, shopping, pornography, games or the Internet. Bishop Formigoni explained this very well during the meeting.

Though the UK is one of the leading economic powers, it ranked 7th among the countries that consume the most marijuana, according to the National Alcohol and Drug Survey (LENAD), conducted by the Federal University of São Paulo – Unifesp. In addition, every year, thousands of people in the country die from addiction to cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and the random use of legal drugs, such as antidepressants.

Faced with such an alarming picture, the number of people who have been seeking medical help has grown increasingly.  However, this is not enough when the problem is spiritual, such as in the case of addictions. For this reason, the Universal Church, not only works to deliver drug addicts, but also to guide them so they don’t fall back into the world of addiction – whatever that addiction may be. Therefore, Bishop Formigoni, who suffered with a similar problem, revealed that a person is only truly healed from an addiction when the spirit that causes the addiction is expelled.


Bishop Randal Brito, responsible for the Universal Church in the UK, also prayed for everyone who was present to be filled with the presence of the Spirit of God.

So, just as Fernanda said in the beginning, they changed their opinion after seeing people be truly delivered during the meeting. Many others learned that what they knew about addictions was not really consistent with the reality exposed during the meeting.

This was the case with Dreduela, who thought there is no cure for addictions and rehabilitation was very difficult. “I saw before my own eyes people, who had suffered with addictions for many years, be delivered in a matter of minutes. It was surprising to see faith bring hope to people who had never set foot in a church,” she said.

Though the Get Clean event is over, the Addiction Cleansing Therapy (ACT) meetings continues every Sunday at 6pm; and the same treatment that the 2,000 people received during the event is the same that is available at the Rainbow Theatre every week.

For more info, please contact our 24hr Helpline: 020 7686 6000 or email act@uckgnew.org