Teens and Families in the Park

UTF in the park
Last Saturday, August 13th, many branches took part in a fun-filled afternoon for the whole family!

The ‘Teens and Families in the Park’ event, organised by the Universal Church’s Universal Teen Force (UTF), was a huge success! The event was held simultaneously in different locations across East, South and North London as well as locations outside of the capital. It was exciting for teens and parents, because it was the first time we gathered different branches together for a day of sports, fun and bonding time with their family members!

The day started off with a prayer, quickly followed by the first activity: a sprint race! The teams changed throughout, first they split people up in branches, then later done a challenge of boys vs girls, on the whole it was a great laugh, with just a hint of healthy competition, which is never a bad thing!

They provided a picnic-style lunch for all attendees: sandwiches, fruit and drinks which the families enjoyed whilst mingling amongst each other.

The parents really enjoyed their day, so much so that the question that was asked the most was ‘when are we doing this again?’.

We loved seeing families having quality time together and seeing new friendships develop amongst the teens!

The UTF is the Universal Church’s group that works with teens between the ages of 11 and 14. We offer them the chance to take part in a range of activities and events and offer them practical advice to help them become young successful adults.

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