Taking Risks Should Be the Norm

come out of your comfort zone, overcome his fear,


A successful financial life and comfort zone are two phrases that do not exist in the same sentence together. This is simply because those who are confined to their comfort zones will not have a successful financial life. It is impossible. Unless you do things that will take you a step further – even if they scare you – success will always be out of reach.

Those who understand this are the ones who are achieving great things, despite their fears, much like Reverend Sam Leach who wanted to do something to overcome his fear of heights.

In the past, even going up an escalator was too much without hanging onto the rail” but the vicar decided that he “wanted to set himself free.* Taking advantage of the opportunity to raise money for the urgent repairs that were needed for his church in Devon, Reverend Sam Leach climbed 165 feet to the top of his church spire, finally overcoming his fear!

Success can be a scary concept – especially for those who are used to their own comfort bubble – simply because it lies beyond what they are used to. However, if you want to be acquainted with financial success, then taking risks should be the norm.

It may instill fear but taking a leap of faith is worthwhile and involves an important factor: taking action! One cannot take risks without taking action, and the two combined ensure success.

At the Financial Independence meetings, you learn how to take action in your finances, what to do to take risks, how to overcome your fears, and how to come out of your comfort zone to achieve prosperity.

It’s time to get acquainted with success.

Meeting: Financial Independence meeting
Day and time: Mondays at 7.30pm (also at 7am, 10am and 3pm)
Location: At your nearest UCKG branch


*Source: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/vicar-overcomes-vertigo-to-climb-165ft-church-spire/