Success Marriages don’t just happen they are created

Marriage course Over the past seven weeks, a number of couples dedicated themselves to prepare for marriage by participating in the Bulletproof Marriage Course.

Hosted by Pastor Lucas and Mrs Camilla who oversees the Love Therapy seminar, lead the course each week where they delved deeper into engaging topics from ‘The Key to problem-solving’ to ‘The Real root of divorce and unhappy marriages’.

The couples who participated learned effective tools to maintain a healthy marriage.

The Bulletproof Marriage course concluded with a romantic dinner at Cote restaurant in Highgate.

The evening was full of personalised telegrams to encourage the couples to interact throughout the night by giving them tasks to do which included taking a selfie and posting it to their social media.

There was laughter throughout the night, the couples enjoyed it whilst music in the background played, the dinner was set to help the couples put into practise what they have learned throughout the course. Pastor Lucas ended the evening with a closing prayer.

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