Stay safe this winter

Stay safe this winter
The recent snowy weather arrived just in time for the festive season. Many enjoy the aesthetic of the snow, and the joy of playing in it, but there are some extra precautions we should take to ensure we remain safe in these extreme weathers.

According to the North Shore website, these are the best ways to keep safe this winter:

Wear layers This is a well-known way to keep warm, as it helps to insulate the body without overheating. It’s advisable to use a moisture-wicking material for the layer closest to the skin, for added warmth. Ensure you cover wrists, toes and ankles to help keep body heat trapped.

Keep dry Use umbrellas and water-proof clothing to protect yourself from getting wet, as this can increase your chances of catching a cold. In the case of getting wet, as soon as you can, remove all wet clothing and put on fresh, dry clothes.

Beware of the danger Apply lotion and lip balm with SPF as you would in the summertime, as the sun’s bright rays reflect off the snow. Analyse your skin for frostbites, and if any is found, submerge the affected area under running warm (not hot!) water for 15-30 mins.

Stay hydrated This is just as essential in winter as in warmer weathers, so why not try a warm cup of tea to increase your fluid intake?

Don’t forget to check how the weather may also affect your travel, and always plan your journey to ensure you don’t get caught in travel disruptions caused by the snow.


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