Speaking the Same Language

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Speaking the Same Language
In a message to couples and singles held during the Love Therapy seminar at the Rainbow Theatre last Thursday 14th July, Pastor Lucas Magalhães, spoke about the reason why many relationships fail and how to deal with this issue.

He started the meeting by reading from Genesis 11:6

“And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.”

The reason many relationships fail is because the couple is not speaking the same language. He reiterates that although you may have different opinions, which is healthy as you want someone who will add to your life, to push and challenge you and that’s okay to have different perspectives, but the spiritual language has to be the same, you have to be in the same faith, you have to understand each other.

He states: “If you and your spouse speak the same language, everything will be possible and nothing will destroy your life.”

In addition, he gave advice to the couples:

  • Believe in your marriage
  • Cast out any evil trying to destroy your relationship
  • Speak the same language

When you believe in God, you believe in your marriage, you don’t give up, you have faith in your relationship. He added: There will be times you have to rebuke the spirit of addiction, jealousy, betrayal, fights, and misunderstanding, you must pray because evil wants to destroy families. But when you have the Spirit of God living inside of you, He will help you to understand each other, and help you to speak with wisdom. It’s better to lose the argument but to win in the long term.

Addressing the singles with advice also, Pastor gave a very valuable tip. He said to “look for someone at the Altar level, who has no-one above them other than God, so you can speak the same language. He finishes by saying “this is non-negotiable.”

People tend to look for someone with social status, financial stability, good appearance, tall in height, whether they are educated and have a good career. However, he explains the most important aspect is whether they are in the presence of God. He clarified if the person is not on the Altar, he is short. It’s better to get married to a short man because when he is on the Altar he becomes tall and will defeat many giants.

Want to know more about intelligent love and receive guidance for your relationship? Participate, in person, in a meeting at the Rainbow Theatre on Thursdays at 8pm. The lectures guide those who are single, dating, engaged, or married on how to use faith and biblical teachings to build a happy relationship.

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