Several years of torment

Attention seeking, I found it difficult, I sleep without fear, time to understand, use my faith,

casestudy-in6“I attended the HelpCentre for the first time on a Friday.”

Initially, I found it difficult to relate to the meetings, not only that, but I loved my lifestyle. My life at the time seemed fine. I was a party girl, and I enjoyed the nightlife. On the other hand, I was a very intelligent woman who was looking forward to having a great career, so I didn’t follow up from my first meeting.

The next seven years of my life were horrible. I faced humiliation, nightmares, severe headaches, spiritual attacks and numerous setbacks.

During this time I had received many text messages from the HelpCentre inviting me back. It was during this stage of my life that I realised that the Friday services could be of help to me.

I made time to understand why it was important to attend these meetings. During the meetings, I discovered how to use my faith and how to put it into practice as I was determined to see my life change.

Today I’m free from all the pain I had experienced. I no longer see shadows, suffer from spiritual attacks, or having to lie in the dark because of migraine attacks. This present time I sleep without fear, my life has improved, and my goals are definitely not far-fetched.

Desmarie Davis

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