Save lives by giving blood this August!

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Save lives by giving blood this August!
Our Community Outreach team have reserved a limited number of slots at different health centres for our members to give blood over the next two weekends.

One person’s donation can save up to three lives. This is because when you give blood, it is separated into its individual components (such as red blood cells, platelets and plasma) and each of these can be used to treat different conditions.

The NHS regularly updates its blood donation page to inform what type of blood there is a particular need for at any given time. At the moment they have said there is an increased demand for some rare blood subtypes, such as Ro, that are more common in people of Black heritage, which is why at this moment in time, they need more people of black heritage to become blood donors.

Most healthy 17 to 66-year olds can give blood, to check who can and can’t donate in more detail please check

Here is the full list of donation locations where community outreach has booked donation slots over the next two weekends:

West End – 13th and 20th
Shepherds Bush – 13th and 20th
Stratford – 20th 

Tooting – 13th and 20th
Luton – 14th
Sheffield – 14th
Leeds – 20th
Birmingham – 20th
Manchester – 20th
Leicester – 20th
Nottingham – 21st
Liverpool – pending on whether more people sign up

We’d like to thank the 200 people that have signed up to the blood drives already. There are still slots available in Liverpool and Manchester, if you know of anyone in those areas who would like to take part, let them know they still can!

The NHS websites explains that before donating blood, you should eat regular meals, drink plenty of fluid (non-alcoholic) and avoid vigorous exercise or exertion.

For more information and to know when the next blood drive closest to you is, please call 020 7686 6000.