Results time!

At the other end, END OF THE WORLD, Victory Youth Group,

Results time!

As this year’s A level and GCSE results come in, we all remember how we felt when we got our exam results, and those feelings ranged from delight to despair.

For some of us it was a time of jubilation as our best hopes were met or exceeded, and that much-wanted university place was secure. At the other end of the spectrum, worst fears were realized when the chickens hatched through insufficient studying, over-confidence, couldn’t-care-less attitudes or sheer boredom with school, came home to roost.

Whether they told us or not, and they probably did, our parents were variously proud and happy, resigned, angry or in the very worst cases indifferent.

So, to everyone who got the results they wanted this year – our warmest congratulations. To those who were disappointed, THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. There are plenty of routes to success and happiness besides doing well at school and a degree.

Neither scientist Albert Einstein nor author Charlotte Brontë was expected to come too much. A teacher once wrote that Gary Lineker concentrates too much on football and would never make a living at that. The long list of successful people who did not go university includes Sir Richard Branson and Mary ‘Queen of Shops’ Portas, Simon Cowell and entrepreneur Jo Fairley who co-founded the classy chocolate company Green & Black’s.

While it’s as well to remember that millions around the world live fulfilling lives without huge career and material success, there is no doubt that making the best of your talents – whether they involve fashion or football, technology or music – is the right way to go. And you can kick-start a better life at any time.

The UCKG’s Victory Youth Group encourages 14 to 25 year olds to be the best they can be and provides a happy forum where fresh starts are regularly made and hope and ambition are rekindled. Everyone else is very welcome to attend UCKG meetings that support career and financial success and happiness within fulfilling personal relationships.