• The Hive Stadium, Camrose Avenue, London HA8 6AG
  • May 22, 2022 15:00pm
  • £10

Life’s Worth Living Football Match

Last year the Life’s Worth Living friendly football match between the Victory Youth Group (VYG) and the Metropolitan Police was held in North London. This initiative had one goal: showing the community that youths and the police can work side-by-side.

Is it possible to be so completely different and work together positively?

Of course! If both sides share a similar goal.

Unfortunately, crime rates have been rising in the UK and in 2021, *experts feared that youth violence would only become worse after the effects the lockdowns might have had on them.

Thankfully the work of the VYG has had a positive impact on the community as many of its members have made a complete turnaround in their lives. There are youths that came from a life of drugs, gangs, and violence and today are studying, working hard, and using their spare time to help those who are now in the position they once were.

Throughout the years the VYG has had different campaigns aimed to help young people stay on the right track through events, marches, sweeping areas for knives etc. There have also been collaborations with the police in campaigns against knife crime.

The positive atmosphere and the enthusiastic responses to last year’s football match from not only the VYG and London Metropolitan Police, but also the community were a good reason to keep building towards this partnership.

We are happy to announce that the next Life’s Worth Living football match will be held on Sunday 22 May at 3pm at The Hive Stadium!

Tickets can be purchased for £10 at your local Universal Church.

Last year, the Youth Group won with a 4-3 victory, this year it can go either way. Curious? You can find out this year’s outcome in person from the Hive Stadium.


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