The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) is a Christian Ministry and registered charity (1043985) that is committed to this mission: to love God above all and our neighbour as ourselves or simply put, to help people live life to the fullest —physically, emotionally and spiritually.

But as the good book says, unless this faith is put into action, it’s as good as dead! This is why we open every day—365 days a year—hold 4 daily services and run various community groups and projects for anyone and everyone, irrespective of their background and beliefs.

Over the years, we’ve reached such a diverse group of people that our growing family now includes some 12 million people from all walks of life across over 172 countries. Their unique stories are not only a reminder of how easily someone can find themselves feeling lost, vulnerable and desperate for help; But it’s also a proof that with the right kind of support and guidance, even the most heart-wrenching stories can become tomorrow’s inspirational ones.

That’s why we don’t give up on anyone; that’s why we do what we do.