The sole aim of the Victory Youth Group (VYG) is to help young people reach their full potential. It started in the UK in 1996 and has been growing steadily ever since, with over 1,300 young people attending VYG meetings every week. These sessions include practical teachings, fun activities as well as spiritual development.

The outreach work of this group has seen us organise and host various performing arts events, sporting activities, and visits to schools and colleges across the country. Our London marches against gun and knife crime through the ‘Life Is Worth Living’ initiative has gained widespread support and commendations, including coverage on BBC news. Last year alone, over 900 people took part in the march, determined to show their stance against violence among youth in the capital.

The VYG has also assisted local councils and police with weapon sweeps and community cleaning, constantly encouraging the young people in the group to give back to the community. The engagement in performing arts and sports is a big part of our work, as it has allowed many of the youths who attend the VYG to learn and develop skills that they never would have cultivated otherwise, or that they did not know they had.

The weekly meetings are catered for young people between 14-25 years old, with teams and competitions that encourage teamwork, providing opportunities to make new friends and also to be mentored.

In a nutshell, the VYG is a place for young people to grow together in an exciting and productive way leading to a successful adulthood. The group isn’t about telling young people what to do; it’s about equipping them with the right tools to be able to make informed and positive decisions about their future.

Are you between 14-25 years old or do you know anyone who is? Then the Victory Youth Group is the place to be!

Typical VYG activities include:

• One-to-one mentoring

• Weekly ‘Real Talk’ meetings (Wednesdays)

• Weekly ‘Sunday Live’ meetings (Sundays)

• Football tournaments

• Film and drama productions

• Dance and music productions