One direction three different results

One direction three different results

Is it possible for two people with access to the same information, achieve different results?

Take a look at the three different approaches and then decide which one you will follow.

1st Person: The one who looks back

The person who looks back can be compared to Lot’s wife: the command was not to look back as Lot and his family fled Sodom.

” But his wife looked back behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.” (Genesis 19:26)

A person who has failed in the past is afraid to act in the present, their disappointments and betrayals make them dwell on failures and successes of the past.

To be successful you must look ahead and adopt a new attitude, allied with God. Whenever you look back, complain, or become discouraged, your life does not progress.

2nd Person: The one who does it their way

 Lot was an example of someone who did everything their way: the city was about to be destroyed, and the angel told him to go to the mountain. However, he looked for an alternative (Genesis 19:17-22).

As a result, his life was cursed, due to his disobedience.

Would you like to see the power of God transform your life? It’s simple: don’t do things your way.

3rd Person: The one who obeys the direction

 Abraham is an example of someone who obeyed God in everything. He followed all the orders of the Most High.

Result: “And Abraham was already old and advanced in age, and the LORD had blessed Abraham in everything.” (Genesis 24:1)

Now that you have seen the result of disobedience and obedience, what will your choice be?

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