Nothing To Lose Book Launch

London, understanding and prayers, Universal Church of the Kingdom of God,

Wednesday 20th February 2013

Fortunately, the launch of the book “Nothing to Lose” has been a phenomenal success worldwide, certainly a happy event shared not only by members and supporters of the Help Centre, but all the people who have shown interest in the biographical path of the charismatic world Leader of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Bishop Macedo.

Viviane and I, Júlio Freitas, daughter and son-in-law of the author, have participated in several events in Europe, signing and greeting all readers and people who are keen to attend, always leaving a word of appreciation and affection, that we value so much.

However, for reasons beyond our control, we hereby inform all concerned that this Sunday, February 24, at 14h, date set for the release of “Nothing to Lose” in London will be impossible for us to be with you on this very special day for all of us.

All preparations made on our part, have been, at the last minute, canceled. We regret this cancellation as much as you do, dear reader, who acquired or will acquire the book and hoped for an autograph or just to be with us on this historic day.

We ask for your understanding and prayers and I, like Viviane, would like to express our highest consideration.

We would also like to add that, despite our inability to attend, Douglas Tavolaro, co-author of the book, my great friend and also of the Universal family, will be present with a local representative of the Bishop, also Head of the Evangelistic Work, to greet you and autograph your copy, so we count on your presence!

I had the honor of signing more than 23 thousand copies of this bestseller, and to these lucky readers, I had the pleasure of looking in their eyes and say: “Congratulations on your beautiful purchase! With ‘Nothing to Lose’, you just have to win! Once again, congratulations!”

God counts on you, and so do I!

Bishop Julio Freitas

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