No longer a failure

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No longer a failureI was empty, and I had many negative thoughts. I also suffered from spiritual problems as insomnia and constant fear, and I was frightened of sleeping alone. I felt a strange presence around me, so during the night, I would be in despair because I was very afraid. On top of this, I felt like a failure. I had no goals for my life, and I wished that I never existed. I had insecurities including my height; I thought I was ugly and that all the other girls were more beautiful than me.

My love life was also a failure. My relationships didn’t last long, which would only increase my frustration. Unsurprisingly, my studies were also bad. I would study so much, but when it came to the exams, I would forget everything I had learned.

When I came to the UCKG HelpCentre, I decided to put into practice all the advice given to me during the meetings and the one-to-ones. I started to see changes in my life. I became free from all the spiritual problems and complexes that I had. This gave me the strength and encouragement to continue coming. When I made a commitment to be faithful with my offerings, my grades became the best in my class.

Today I have peace. I have learned how to take care of and value myself, and I couldn’t be happier. My inner self has been transformed. Not only that, I am happily married, with two healthy children.

Through the special meetings at the HelpCentre and the vows that I made with God, my husband and I were able to buy our own house in a private condominium in Portugal. The property comes with a gym, swimming pool and everything that I had planned for. We have also bought a new car.

Although we heard negative comments saying that we would not succeed, through using our faith, we have seen the work of God in our lives. We have lived in the UK for only 5 months, but in less than a month we were able to get our permanent documents. My husband has since secured a job and everything is going as planned.

Pamela Carvalho

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