Newspaper publishes clarification and pays costs to UCKG over Climbie

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In May of this year, the Walthamstow Guardian published an article where false allegations were made about the UCKG and one of its pastors, Pastor Alvaro Lima. The article strongly suggested that Pastor Lima had acted negligently in his brief dealings with Victoria Climbie.

This is not the first time that this particular newspaper has written negative things about the church. The UCKG would not tolerate such reports and decided to take legal action against the Walthamstow Guardian.

Following the action, the newspaper agreed to publish a letter from Pastor Lima clarifying what happened and paid costs in excess of £4,000.

Another victory

Bishop Renato Cardoso was very happy with the outcome. “This is yet another victory for the UCKG. I’m sure that this, coupled with our success over The Independent newspaper earlier this year, should make reporters think twice before printing false allegations about us in the future. Lies will not be tolerated.”

The Church will not hesitate to consider taking legal action against other newspapers who attempt to publish libellous reports.

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