New Year’s with the Universal Church

a new life in Christ,

New Year’s with the Universal Church
Saturday 31st December at 10pm, hundreds of attendees gathered at the Universal Church in the Rainbow Theatre to bring in the new year in the presence of God.

Bishop James shared the importance of living in the newness of life, that only those who truly die (spiritually speaking) to their old lifestyle will not only have a new year but a new life in Christ (Bible reference Romans 6:4).

Close to midnight attendees sought the Holy Spirit and participated in the Lord’s Supper declaring a new year with the presence of God.

Newly raised Assistants and Collaborators were presented before the church as a witness to their vowel of voluntarily serving God. As one day they were helped they will aim to do the same for others in their appointed Universal Church branches.9W1A8073 scaled

Bishop later shared the long-awaited good news for 2023, which was the open doors of the newly purchased church in Wolverhampton. This will give many people an opportunity to receive the word of God. With the growth of the work of God extending not only in the UK but also overseas, Bishop shared another good news, Pastor Joseph and Mrs Raquel (who currently reside in the UK) will work to establish the church in Sri Lanka.

This new year will indeed be new for all those who choose to place God first.

Do you want to make this year truly new? Why not participate in one of our weekly services to find out how. You can contact our 24-hour helpline for more info: 020 7686 6000