Name your wages

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2jacketsinsidePeta-Kay had a secure job, but, due to unfavourable conditions, she decided to resign for another job that offered her a better salary. However, only after resigning from her previous employment did she realise that she would be required to work on Sundays in the new job. Sunday was a day on which she didn’t want to work.

She shares: “Being faithful in putting God first in everything is something I consider very important. I needed to start working again but Sunday, for me, is a day that I dedicate to God, as the first day of the week. For this reason, I declined the job offer. It was a tough decision, but I know that my faithfulness to God above all would bless me.

“There was another job that I was qualified for, but the job ended up being offered to someone else. This was a great shame for me. So I went from having a firm job to being unemployed. However, I didn’t stop there. I continued applying for other jobs and, not long after this, a campaign was announced.

“I took part in this “In the Faith of Abraham” campaign but, rather than just asking for a job, my request was for God to make me a blessing! I wanted to have a life that showed God’s greatness all around, and for there to be a difference between others my age and myself.

“A few weeks before the campaign, I had received a cheque for a substantial amount of money. Since I was not receiving another income, this money was of great value to me. I made the choice that I would sacrifice this money, to prove to God and myself that becoming the blessing was much more valuable to me. I trusted that God would have to bless me greatly for this act of faith.

“I presented my sacrifice on the altar, and I continued applying for jobs. My sacrifice gave me the assurance that I wouldn’t need to settle for just anything. Shortly after, I received an offer for a job that I wanted, which wouldn’t require me to work on weekends. They even asked me what I wanted to be paid, and I named my wages.

“I was working many more hours in my initial job, but I was getting less money even with overtime. Now I am able to support my family financially. I am much more focused in my faith, and I know that if I want something I can go for it.”

Peta-Kay Gordon