Mega Help event success!

Mega Help cover In recent times, gang related postcode wars have spread across the capital and have left everyone wondering how we can curb this destructive trend amongst young people. Can youths from different area codes ever co-exist and the outcome be positive? The Mega Help futsal tournament proves that wonders never seize.

Sunday, 13 November at London Crystal Palace National Sports Centre and simultaneously taking place at Manchester Platt Lane Sports the VYG hosted the Mega Help event.

Youths from the VYG and family members gathered together to show other young people and the community at large that with the right guidance and influence, youths can be empowered to make the right choices in life and come out of the stereotype that they are commonly depicted as being.

Kyrell who participated in the futsal game during the event commented on the following: “The event was amazing, from the tournament to the performances to the real-life stories shared was extremely commending, so many new faces got an opportunity to see what the VYG is all about. The VYG showed that many young people from different areas and postcodes can be in the same place where there is peace and no violence and the atmosphere from the crowd during the football was unbelievable.”

The all-day event which also comprises of performances and real-life testimonials besides the matches, shone a light on the root and often inner turmoil and conflict that influence young people.

Just before the final match, the crowd was encouraged to take part in the Mental Health Dance (MHD) remix challenge, to reinforce the message of fighting against mental health.

Marcelo who participated in the Mega Help event in Manchester said “The crowd was very engaged, all those who attended were presently surprised by the turnout and the positive message that was spread. The event was great! The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was there with one objective, to raise awareness of an issue that has been raised in our society over the past few years.

It was great to see the Greater Manchester Police supporting the VYG in this cause. It was also great to see the true real-life stories of people who were able to overcome mental health issues.”

The Mega Help initiative provides a platform where young people can express themselves without feeling judged.

The slogan of the event is true: I won’t judge you, I’ll help you!

Mega Help event success!