Lost two loved ones but gained God and more

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Lost two loved ones but gained God and moreBefore attending the HelpCentre, my life was a mess. I had lost all hope and would wonder why bad things kept happening to me.

My mum died; then my partner died soon after. This left me broken-hearted. I seemed okay, but nobody knew how I was suffering inside. Concerning my finances, I had a good job but couldn’t see the fruit of my labour. When I came to England, things got worse; due to my immigration status, I was unable to work. I also started having spiritual attacks at night, where I would sense a strong force coming towards me and would wake up with unbearable headaches.

The last straw was when I caught meningitis, leaving me bedridden. Members of the Patient Care Group visited me in hospital. I soon came to the HelpCentre. The messages I heard there helped me believe that my life could change. By attending Friday services, I stopped experiencing spiritual attacks. I was also able to build a relationship with God, by attending Sunday and Wednesday meetings.

Also, by understanding that I wasn’t created to be unhappy or alone, I started attending the Love Talk. I wrote a prayer request, detailing what I desired in a partner, and presented a vow with it. Soon after, I met my “partner for life”.

But I still felt that something was missing. I understood about who the Holy Spirit was, but I doubted I would receive Him anytime soon. However, when the pastor mentioned that I should seek God outside of church too, I started pursuing Him wherever I went. My doubts were soon cleared and I finally received the Holy Spirit.

Now I am happily married to a man of God, and we are both serving God. It is a privilege to pass to others the same opportunity I received.

Maria Jimmy

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