January is officially ‘Divorce Month’

far from the truth, hard to cope with,


After the joyful holidays of Christmas and the New Year, it would seem that January is the perfect time to relish in a new and more optimistic year ahead. However, this seems to be far from the truth, as January is one of the most popular months for married couples to file for divorce.

According to a recent survey of 2,000 spouses by legal firm Irwin Mitchell, 1 in 5 couples in the UK plan to divorce after the holidays. However, this is not a quick decision, as couples often think about separating long before they take action to legally separate. Furthermore, many couples use the holidays to have one last family gathering before the separation in order to avoid upsetting their families, especially if they have children.

Jacqueline Newman, a managing partner at a top New York City divorce law firm, said, ‘Most people in December want to get through the holidays. Nobody wants a divorce summons put in their stocking.’

Even though many couples decide to divorce in the first few months of the year, some change their minds and try to make their relationship work after visiting a lawyer. This comes as no surprise, as divorce is not only ‘financially expensive’, as Newman explains, but also incredibly hard to cope with emotionally.

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