I wanted the best!

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juliousinI work in the sports and fitness industry and run my own company, but as well as that, I freelance my services to other companies within the same field.

I was doing work for a company, but I wasn’t happy with what they were offering me. So I went to the regional manager and asked for a pay rise of a certain amount, but he didn’t get back to me, although I waited for a response for a few weeks.

I was attending the Independence Project on Mondays, and determining that the manager would give me a positive answer.

During that time, another company got in contact with me asking if I could start work for them in September.

So I resigned from my current place of work, and accepted the offer from the new company.

In my profession, I only work during the school term time, so I went in search of another job for the holidays. After successfully completing the interview for one role I had been interested in, I was offered greater than that role, and got the position of manager for a camp for children during school half-terms and holidays.

I knew that if that was the best that company had to offer, then I wanted it and I got it!

Julious Joseph

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