I put my skills to use

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I put my skills to use

After finishing my first year of university, I was searching to see what I could do during the summer break to earn some extra cash, as I am in full time education. I used my faith and challenged God with a vow I made during the time of the “Nothing to Lose 3” book launch. I vowed to God that I would donate 35 books but in return, I told God that I wanted to start something that would be a big success in relation to my finances. I wanted to be independent. After I challenged God, I had an idea to have my own design company.

Although I didn’t know what to do, I decided to use my skills in design and believed that God would honour me, and I complemented it by also going to the financial meetings on Mondays. Soon after that, He honoured me. Besides my education, I now have a business on the side and it is getting off to a good start.

Ashwin Goreeba 

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