I know who I am!

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I know who I amHumans are very adaptable; they can mould themselves to almost any circumstance and environment. When life gets hard, we find a way to survive. This exceptional ability however, can also cause us to easily be moulded by what others say about us. This was the case for Joseph Louis-Xavier. See how other people’s opinions of him influenced his own.

“One of the main problems that I had to deal with was the fact that I neither believed in myself nor really knew myself. Whenever someone had something to say to me, I would take it personally.

I wasn’t an aggressive person, so my friends would make fun of me and call me names, which I would accept as fact. I changed my appearance and tried to put up a mask. Whenever someone said something about me, I would become defensive.

When I came to the Victory Youth Group (VYG)—an initiative of the UCKG HelpCentre—, and started attending the Real Talk meetings, I heard a lot about getting to know God and how He could help to change my life. I wasn’t happy with myself, but I didn’t take it seriously for two months.

However, it came to a point where I decided to give God a try because I was fed up of staying the same, and started cutting off all the negative friends. But I still didn’t fully understand what it meant to give my life to Him. So to make an effort, I began to attend the Spiritual Cleansing sessions on Fridays, Faith School on Wednesdays and Sunday mornings. They really helped me to understand why I needed God and helped me to see life from a different point of view. But all the internal issues were still present; I hadn’t overcome them yet.

I was discovering how to use my faith and truly putting into practice what I was hearing, and that’s when changes started happening within me. I was accepting myself for who I was, and not allowing negative words to shape me.

Today, I’m completely different. I’m not worried about what people think of me because I know who I am. I’m not what people call me, but who God says I am.

Joseph Louis-Xavier

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