I have seen great changes in my mentality

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I have seen great changes in my mentality“Ever since I started attending the business meetings, I have seen great changes in my mentality as it helped me progress in my business. I’ve always had a go getter spirit and I never would back down from progressing in life.

The meetings have helped me focus and be persistent in the focus I have so that I never give up on accomplishing what God has for me. I believe if I serve a great God, my life must show it. The business meetings have also served as a confirmation for my plans and projects.

Every time I would plan something, I always include God in each one. The wonderful thing is knowing that God evidently agrees and responds by approving your goals. That is what happened during the business meetings as the messages I heard there, motivated me as they matched exactly what I planned for myself. Truly, these meetings are a great blessing.”

Robert Ashitey

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