I got my life BACK!

bad habits took control of my life, I found the strength to control my will,

12“When Elina Kalnina came to the UK, she observed that the use of alcohol was seemingly more common than what she had seen in her home country of Latvia. In need of a job, she started working in a pub where she saw people coming in for a drink on a daily basis. To her, it seemed as if they were really enjoying themselves, so she was tempted too.”

‘I began using alcohol as a way to socialise but later down the line, I became addicted. Whether I wanted to celebrate or commiserate, these bad habits took control of my life.

I was also having problems at work, where people who didn’t like me got me fired on the same day I found out I was pregnant. By then, I was also smoking. However, being pregnant I decided to stop consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes and began taking care of myself.

Unfortunately, after giving birth, everything went downhill. I went back to drinking and smoking and consequently ending up losing everything – money, respect, dignity; even my daughter was taken from me.
It was only when I blacked out at a party and couldn’t remember anything the next morning that I realised I needed professional help. I spoke to my GP who was very supportive. I managed to stop for a month, but then went back to the same habits when I received some bad news.

I was then invited to the Universal Church where I took part in the ‘Breaking the Habit’ program. Through the guidance of this program and the support from the church, I found the strength to control my will and I have been completely free for six months. My life has been transformed; I am emotionally and financially stable and I have been able to get my daughter back.”

Elina Kalnina

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