I didn’t believe it could happen to me

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I didn’t believe it could happen to me

I dreamt of the day when there would be no arguments in my home. My parents fought physically and frequently. I held a grudge against my mother and blamed her for everything that happened. I also hated my younger sister for no reason. My thoughts towards her were very violent.

These negative feelings had their own effect on the way I felt about myself. I hated myself, was insecure and couldn’t control my emotions. I wanted to be accepted by my friends and was influenced by them. Strange things also started happening to me at night, where I felt like there was someone trying to strangle me while I slept. I couldn’t breathe or move from my bed.

I found out about the UCKG HelpCentre and started attending, but not with the intent to change my life. So instead of moving forward, I was just taking steps back. I didn’t believe that a life change could ever happen to me.

But when I had reached a point where I couldn’t take it anymore, that’s when I was determined to change my mindset. That’s when my life started moving forward. I let go of my doubts, fears, and bad influences and truly believed that I could be helped.

I started taking the advice offered at the HelpCentre and putting it into practice. I focused just on me and that’s when I finally became a new person. My family is much better; there are no arguments between us anymore and I am able to get along with all of them. I have no insecurities and I study in one of the best universities in London, doing the course that I love. I can sleep in peace and I accept myself for who I am. I have found my value and I am truly happy.

Juliana Faleti

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