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I changed my profileWhat children see around them while growing up can either influence them in a positive or negative way. In Paulo Cabral’s case, he began to imitate the things he witnessed as a child, which added nothing but a huge negative impact on him.

‘Introduced to alcohol and sexual activities at an early age. Has a lot of anger bottled up inside. Is hooked on women, pornography and alcohol. Sleeps around and goes out to night clubs with friends. Is very proud and thinks he knows everything. This was my “hidden profile” when I started a relationship.

We moved in together, but my lifestyle hadn’t changed at all. She soon found out about my real me, which led us to face many problems in the relationship. We would constantly argue to the point that my relationship became hell. I couldn’t take it anymore and eventually it all came to an end.

To me that had been the worst moment of my life. I became very sad and felt like giving up on everything. However, deep inside I knew I needed to change.

I had heard about the Universal Church on TV and as I was walking down the road on a Friday, I happened to pass by the church and something within me told me to go inside. I stayed for the service that day, and I left there already feeling different on the inside.

I continued to attend the weekly meetings, and I learned to challenge myself to do something different by using my faith, believing that God would also do something different in my life. I wanted to let go of the “hidden profile” and change my life around. However, I knew that God couldn’t do that for me. I had to decide to quit that lifestyle.

For me, the main challenge was to give up everything that I had been doing that I knew wasn’t benefitting me. Doubts like, “You can’t do it, stop trying, give up” came to my mind. Nevertheless, I decided to go against myself and those thoughts, and I persevered.

Today, I can say with confidence that I have a new profile – I am happy and free. I have peace inside of me. I no longer try to fulfil myself with other things because I depend on God and He is my fulfilment. He gives me the strength to overcome each battle that comes my way.

I also attended the Love Therapy sessions, which helped me heal myself from my past relationship. There, I learned the true values of a relationship and how to love intelligently. Now I am engaged to someone who has the same faith as me. We are truly happy together and looking forward to the future!

If you relate to my story or you are facing any hardship, I advise you to give the Universal Church a try. Trust your life to God, and I am sure you won’t regret it.’

Paulo Cabral

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