Holy Week – The 3 Holy Days

When we speak about the life of Jesus in this world, we sometimes focus on the miracles He performed and the wonderful teachings He gave. All of the miracles He did were really wonderful, but we have to always bear in mind that the main reason for His coming was to establish a new covenant with mankind and to make salvation possible for those who chose then – and those who choose now – to follow Him. For this to happen, He had to take upon Himself all of humanity’s sins and die at the hands of man, so that the ultimate sacrifice was to be made in our favour. In a nutshell, everything that led to the fulfilment of His mission here – imprisonment, trial, crucifixion and resurrection – all happened over one week.

Today, we call this week the ‘Holy Week’; indeed, it was during these seven days – from Palm Sunday to the Sunday of the Resurrection – that Jesus triumphed over all the forces of darkness to come and bring us life.

Starting on 14 April – Palm Sunday – and ending on 21 April – Sunday of the Resurrection – we urge everyone to attend, each day of this special week, one of our meetings, so that they may learn more about what happened to Jesus during His mission towards victory.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus returned to Jerusalem in what became known as the ‘Triumphant Entry’, where He was greeted with worship and praise by the people. We will start the week by determining that you too will have a triumphant life. During the entire week, we will relive the steps that Jesus took and look at what they may mean for us today. By knowing the details and symbolism of everything that Jesus went through, you will understand how He is able to give us everlasting life.

We will have a special message every day of the week, but the final three days will be the most special:

  • On Good Friday, Jesus was crucified: we will hold a special meeting on 19 April at 3pm, Seek Me and Live event so that all those who feel that they have no life at all may have the Life that God can give them.
  • On Saturday, Jesus was battling death: on Saturday 20 April we will hold a special meeting at 7am for people who currently have problems that may seem impossible to solve. Just as He overcame death, we are determined that you will overcome your impossible problems.
  • On Sunday, Jesus was resurrected and came back in all His glory. Join us at 10am on Sunday 21 April where you will receive the eternal Life that He came to give us.

Event: Holy Week
Date: Sunday 14 – 21 April
Time: See our schedule
Location: Your local UCKG HelpCentre