Hit hard by my lifestyle

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Hit hard by my lifestyleBefore I came to the HelpCentre, my life was very problematic. I would pursue multiple girls.

Along with a group of friends, I took part in gang activities; I was ready to fight and make people aware of my gang’s presence. I was unaware that I was simply digging my grave.

With the state of my behaviour, it didn’t come as a surprise that I was unsuccessful in school. But I was more shocked when my closest friend betrayed me, someone I trusted more than my family.

Although I had a friend who would always invite me to the HelpCentre, I never came. It wasn’t until one day, when I walked past a branch, I was invited by a youth member. I wasn’t doing anything that day, so I decided to attend the Victory Youth Group (VYG) meeting. It was so good; I’ve never witnessed an environment like that.

Every meeting was unique. I learned everything again. My mind was retrained and my behaviour soon changed. I noticed a difference at home; by telling the truth when I was in the wrong, my stepdad would act calmly towards me. I was so shocked that I remember telling the youth leader about it.

Today I am happy to be with one woman, my lovely wife. I am currently working for the NHS, where I get to help other people. Looking back, I am pleased to have accepted the VYG invitation. I am also grateful to all those in the HelpCentre who supported me to achieve this transformation.

Toni Bambi