Have You Been Accommodated or revolted?

the power of God,

Have You Been Accommodated or revolted?

Know what the right attitudes are for success in your financial life

If you find yourself in a difficult situation but don’t take action, it’s because you’re accommodated. Even if you say otherwise, your lack of attitude shows that you don’t move, even in the midst of difficulty.

You may even be a hard worker, but if you don’t do something to change the situation you find yourself in, you are still considered comfortable. But what are the right actions to take to achieve a life transformation?

The first action is to be in a constant state of revolt, but being revolted against the situation. Every time you settle, the situation becomes worse. The miracle is divine intervention, but for it to happen, it is necessary to act. No attitude, no miracle.

4 steps to achieve this life transformation:

1 – Seize opportunities

Spiritually and materially. Seize the chance to do a purpose or a campaign; to close a contract, arrange a meeting with a supplier, or make a sale.

There are people who just pray and pray, meanwhile, the opportunities are passing by. You have to act, but if you can’t see the opportunities, you must insistently ask God to show them to you. When Jacob saw the opportunity for his life to change, he grabbed it with all his strength. He held the angel and did not let him go without receiving his blessing.
(read Genesis 32:24-28).

2 – Surrendering your life

This means trusting that the Most High can change your situation with all your strength. Your foundation and confidence cannot be in your degree, your experience, or your ability, but in the power of God. He created the world, so how will He not change your life? However, only those who actually give themselves, trust.

3 – Give it your all!

That means you shouldn’t do anything halfway; dedicate yourself 100%. Jacob was so eager for a life transformation that he fought with God until dawn. In the same way, you must put all your strength into your prayers, purposes, work, in everything.

4 – Overcome the pain

There will be times when it feels like you can’t bear the problems or the pain of sacrifice. At this point, many people make excuses as to why they should stop, but you shouldn’t be like that. Only those who are revolted fight; however, those who are accommodated get tired and stop in the middle of the way.

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