Hammersmith Caleb group brings love to care home

Hammersmith care home Last week Saturday our Caleb group from the branch of Hammersmith paid a visit to Acton Care Home, to bring warmth and care to its residents.

Pastor Anderson, who oversees the church in Hammersmith said the following:

“It was an absolute pleasure to have given some time to be with the residents of the Acton Care Home. Seeing their smile of appreciation and how engaged they were with the games and the pampering session made it all worthwhile. The care home staff as well as the residents welcomed with much warmth, we are looking forward to going back there soon!”

For the residents of Acton Care home, it was an afternoon of pampering, care, and fun. The ladies got their nails done, the gentlemen played bingo and the winner claimed a hamper.

But amongst the fun activities and pampering, the most important was giving the residents a listening ear. Most of the residents just want someone to talk to, they were there just for the talk more than for anything else and this was priceless.

Yolanda who was one of our volunteers commented on the following: “I had a great afternoon in the care home, with so many lovely ladies and gents. The elderly are individuals with a whole lifetime of experience and wisdom. They are owed to be treated with dignity and respect. I feel privileged to have been given the time to interact with residents and form a positive interactive relationship with them.”

Overall this was a successful visit and we look forward to coming back soon.