Good Soldiers Consecrated

Good Soldiers

Yesterday, during the Sunday 10am service the consecration of the Good Soldiers took place across the Universal Churches in UK.

Our dedicated volunteers were presented to the church and God in prayer, as the Bishop and Pastor’s anointed them, for God to give them more capacity to serve Him.

Our volunteers have freely received help and can testify of a positive change in their life since attending the Universal Church, which has prompted them to want to give back with joy!

Each group of the church may have different functions but all work towards the common goal of reaching out to those who are suffering.

To name a few from the Patient Care Group which visit and support those who are unwell in the hospital or at home, to the Victory Youth Group (VYG), which guides youths to be positive role model in today’s society.

We are sure after this consecration all have been empowered to give back much more.

“Give, and it will be given to you…” (Luke 6:38)

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