From Living in one of London’s worst estates to living a dream life

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From Living in one of London’s worst estates to living a dream life

“You will never change!” That is what many youths hear on a day-to-day basis. Instead of being encouraged and believed in, many are despised and given up on. This is exactly what happened to 20 year old Raheem sterling, who after being born into poverty in Jamaica, and having his dad shot dead, he now earns £200,000 a week.

A teacher once predicted that Sterling would either end up as a professional footballer or as a convict in prison. Despite his rough up bringing where his father was shot dead whilst he was nine years old. He arrived in Britain and lived on one of London’s worst sink estates. This gave way to many behavioural problems, to the point where he was suspended to his school, and was sent to a school for ‘difficult’ kids.

Although he did not have the best start in life, he did not use this as an excuse not to do well. And now he is living the life that people dream of.

A lot of youths face the same discouragement daily, however they are the ones who limit themselves. When you believe and invest in your potential, it can lead you to places that no one could have thought that you would get too. Another way for you to make it to the top is to surround yourself around people who actually care and will support you, like the VYG (Victory Youth Group), for more information visit our website