Fighting with the right weapons

because they love each other, The Word of God,

Fighting with the right weaponsWe can all agree that when people get married, they normally do so because they love each other. It’s not common to get married out of hate or thinking about divorce as the end result. But what do you do when the perfect marriage you envisioned suddenly falls apart? Do you fight or simply throw in the towel? Read the story of Priscilla and Luciano and find out how they dealt with their marital problems.

Priscilla: ‘I was 31 and Luciano was 36 when a mutual friend introduced him to me. Within a week, we started dating, and we got married after six months.’

Luciano: ‘After marriage, things became very difficult. I was working a lot and didn’t have much time to be with my wife, not even on weekends or holidays.’

Priscilla: ‘The lack of attention made me emotional. Our marriage was not what I had expected. Things got so bad that he was even abusive towards me. Our relationship was falling apart and we even talked about divorce.’

Luciano: ‘I fell into a deep sadness. During this time, my sister-in-law introduced us to the Universal Church. It was here that I was able to find the light at the end of the tunnel.’

Priscilla: ‘By attending the “Love Therapy” meetings, events like the “Love Walk”, and also the “Marriage Course” provided by the church, we developed the right weapons to fight for our relationship. In addition to the amazing tips received, we learned to base our marriage on the Word of God, finding guidance and direction from the best manual ever: the Bible. We then started putting all the guidance into practice and believing that God would lift the darkness from our marriage. Little by little, both of us changed; we became one, and consequently our marriage has been restored.’

Priscilla and Luciano Theodore

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