Fast of Daniel – 21 Days of Pleasing the Holy Spirit

Can you imagine yourself studying for an exam when there is a construction site across the street, your parents have the tv at top volume, the neighbours are throwing a party, and your little siblings won’t stop running around? There is no way you are going to retain any information with all the distractions and chances are that you could even fail the exam because of them. That is why schools and churches are set up in quiet places; it’s so their attendees can focus on the content being given.

When it comes to our spiritual lives, there is no way we can hear God’s voice if it is muffled by all the ‘noise’ that distracts us. When we are too busy filling our minds with news, entertainment, gossip and all sorts of things that don’t help us in any way, there is little room for God in our lives.

The Fast of Daniel is meant to help us cut out all the noise from the world so that we can have a clear mind in order to hear the voice of God. For 21 days, we will abstain from anything that is of no use to us spiritually, for example, news, secular film and music, social media, parties, etc.

From 22 September to 13 October, we will prioritise our spiritual lives through prayer, praise, worship and any activity that brings us closer to God. By prioritising our spiritual life, we let go of things that distract us and make more time to enrich our relationship with Him.

Event: The Fast of Daniel – 21 Days of Pleasing the Holy Spirit
Date: Sunday 22 September – 13 October
Time: 10am
Location: Your local UCKG HelpCentre