Drinking was a deception

an empty space, I became depressed,


casestudy-in8From early on, Stephanie Santos was involved with addiction and had constant thoughts of ending her life.

“I was a young emotionally unstable girl. I would always feel angry or very sad. It seemed that there was an empty space inside me that was impossible to fill. I also suffered from nightmares that tormented me during my sleep.

Trying to find joy, I resorted to drinking, and I did so heavily. But that happiness was momentary.

The idea of suicide began to plague my mind. I believed suicide would end all my pain.” Stephanie reached out for help when she realised she was running out of options.

“I travelled to the HelpCentre for support and I started to attend the meetings. It was not easy by any means. I told myself to be persistent because I would always give up when I became depressed. Gradually, with attendance and courage, I overcame my addictions, and my bad thoughts no longer controlled me. I had no more desire to die, and I began to write my story. Today I have inner peace.”


Stephanie Santos

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